Advertising on the web portal


Why the Spare Parts Catalog web portal

With more than 14,000 visitors interested in auto parts every day, your ads will appeal to your potential customers in this area.

Advantages and benefits

When purchasing several posts, we will prepare a special offer for you. With targeted advertising, you will achieve greater effects! Let ambitious individuals notice you too!


The client is responsible for the content of the publication (truthfulness of the statements, copyright…).

With regard to publications, we reserve the right to reject publications with such content in cases where the advertising would be in terms of aggressive business practices or the content of an individual ad would be indecent, misleading or contrary to the law or the legitimate business interests of the advertising site operator. or withdraw from the web. Inc® reserves the right to refuse to advertise directly competitive forms of education or to advertise other products that are competitive with the products of the marketing activity of Inc®.

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